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Core values

Core values

Stability, universality, responsibility and excellence – these are the four cornerstones of Swiss banking. These values are the foundation of the success of the Swiss financial centre. The Swiss banks will continue to orientate themselves along these values in future, thus contributing to a competitive, diverse banking centre with a high level of performance.


The Swiss financial centre is characterised by stability. The reliability of the country’s political and legal systems, and the steadfastness of its institutions and its currency make Switzerland a “safe haven” for individuals and companies the world over. Although Swiss banks conduct business around the world, they maintain strong ties with their roots.


The Swiss banks are characterised by cultural diversity and provide a comprehensive product and service offering for customers of every nationality and for wealth of all sizes. As a result, even the most varied customer needs can be met. The banks ensure the provision of high quality advisory services thanks to well-trained, multi-lingual and open-minded employees.


Everything the Swiss banks do is driven by respect for the individual and the ethical and moral standards of the social systems in which they operate. These standards must be respected and defended. The Swiss banks set the bar very high when it comes to their conduct towards their customers, society, their employees and the environment. They have established binding rules according to which they continuously assess, monitor, and improve their day-to-day activities. In its dealings with international organisations, Swiss banking advocates practice-oriented rules and adheres to global standards.


With the most talented, competent and ambitious employees, tried-and-tested and innovative methods, and the best available systems, the Swiss banks ensure the highest possible level of quality. They are founded on the one hand on the solid tradition of the Swiss financial centre and on the other, they are open and flexible in addressing the changing needs of their customers and society.